Red Hat Global File System

Red Hat Global File System

Red Hat GFS cho phép các máy chủ Red Hat Enterprise Linux đồng thời đọc và ghi vào một hệ thống tập tin chia sẻ duy nhất trên SAN, đạt được hiệu năng cao và giảm sự phức tạp.
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Red Hat Global File System (GFS) is an open source, POSIX-compliant cluster fi le system and volume manager that executes on Red Hat Enterprise Linux servers attached to a storage area network (SAN). It works on all major server and storage platforms supported by Red Hat. The leading (and fi rst) cluster fi le system for Linux, Red Hat GFS has the most complete feature set, widest industry adoption, broadest application support, and best price/ performance of any Linux cluster fi le system today


Performance Red Hat GFS helps Red Hat Enterprise Linux servers achieve high IO throughput for demanding applications in database, file, and compute serving. Performance can be incrementally scaled for hundreds of Red Hat Enterprise Linux servers using Red Hat GFS and storage area networks constructed with iSCSI or Fibre Channel. Availability Red Hat GFS has no single-point-of-failure: any server, network, or storage component can be made redundant to allow continued operations despite failures. In addition, Red Hat GFS increases system availability by allowing reconfi gurations such as file system and volume resizing to be made while the system remains online. Red Hat Cluster Suite can be used with GFS to move applications in the event of server failure or for routine server maintenance. Ease of Management Red Hat GFS allows fast, scalable, high throughput access to a single shared fi le system — reducing management complexity by eliminating the need for data copying and maintaining multiple versions of data to insure fast access. Integrated with Red Hat Enterprise Linux (AS, ES, and WS) and Cluster Suite, delivered via Red Hat Network, and supported by Red Hat’s award winning support team, Red Hat GFS is the world’s leading cluster file system for Linux.

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