McAfee Family Protection

McAfee Family Protection

Chặn các trang web bị phản đối, giám sát hoạt động mạng xã hội bằng cách ghi lại khi thông tin cá nhân được đăng và khi sử dụng các thuật ngữ thô tục. Đây là phần mềm kiểm soát của cha mẹ đầy đủ, quản lý khoảng thời gian các em chi tiêu trên Internet
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Full-Featured Parental Control Software

  • Block objectionable websites in up to 35 categories
  • Monitor social networking activity by recording when personal information is posted, and when profane or sexually explicit terms are used
  • Manage the amount of time your children spend on the Internet
  • Block file sharing programs and access to inappropriate programs
  • Use encrypted site blocking to stop your kids from accessing secure websites that might have inappropriate content

Unique Media Filtering

  • Manage online TV and movie viewing based on MPAA ratings
  • Block inappropriate YouTube content with unique filtering technology
  • Stop your kids from previewing and downloading explicit-rated music and videos on Apple iTunes

Advanced Activity Reports

  • Monitor and record instant message conversations, and stay on top of cyber bullying and improper conversations with strangers
  • View and understand your kids' online activities—it's a great way to educate them about proper online behavior
  • Receive instant email and/or text* alerts when your kids attempt to access a blocked website

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