AVG AntiVirus for Android™ Mobiles

AVG AntiVirus for Android™ Mobiles

Phần mềm giúp ngăn chặn, loại bỏ sự lây lan của virus, sâu máy tính. Quét điện thoại để tìm virus và loại bỏ chúng với một cú nhấp chuột đơn giản. Kiểm tra cài đặt bảo mật, tư vấn cách bảo vệ điện thoại trong các trường hợp phát hiện lỗi.
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Virus, Spyware, & Malware Protection

App Scanner

Helps stop, remove and prevent the spreading of viruses, worms, and trojans

File Scanner

Scans your phone for viruses and removes them with a simple click, so you contacts, text messages, music and videos are kept safe. You can run scans manually or set them to run automatically on a daily or weekly basis.

Settings Scanner

Checks on your security settings and advises you on how to protect you phone to the fullest.

Safe Web Surfing

Checks web pages in real-time at the only time it matters—before you land on them. Keeps you protected both when you click on a link and every time you type in a web address directly into your browser. If it detects anything suspicious, it prevents you from visiting the site.

Anti-Theft Protection

Phone Locator

Lets you remotely locate your phone via GPS on Google Maps from our online Anti-Theft service. You can also make your phone SHOUT by making it ring at full strength—even if it’s on silent—to help locate it with ease.

Phone Locker

Keep others out of your phone by locking it remotely via SMS or from our online Anti-Theft service. You can also create customized lock screen messages with your contact details to facilitate the safe return of your device.

Camera Trap PRO

If our Anti-Theft service records 3 failed attempts to unlock you phone, it takes a photo of the intruder with the front facing camera and emails it to you with an alert to the attempted break-in. 

Remote Wipe

If your phone is lost, you can still protect your privacy by wiping all your storage data, emails, contacts, photos, text messages and SD Card with a simple command from our online Anti-Theft Service.

Device Lock PRO

Stop others from using your stolen phone by locking it down when the SIM card is replaced.

Enhanced Performance

Task Killer

Shut down the apps that drag down your device’s performance.

Battery Consumption

Find and stop the apps that drain your device’s battery life.

Data Usage

You can keep track of your 3G/4G mobile data usage by getting notifications as you approach your monthly data limit.

Storage Usage

Uninstall apps that you think use too much storage to free up space on your device.


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